Out of the Box Thinking

AUMENTO believes in studying problems in the overall context of the business and offering solutions in the order of priority. Cost cutting exercises for instance may not be entirely effective in a case where technology up-gradation is a driver of the business. Volume businesses would need working capital management and reduction of financial costs. Foreign currency debt is ideal in an atmosphere of rising domestic interest costs and appreciating domestic currency – we have devised interesting structures for our clients with both import and export content to derive maximum benefit on the currency and interest rate differentials.

The scope of work begins with conceptualization and then progresses to definition, identification and execution. AUMENTO firmly believes that gaining comprehensive understanding of the clients’ business and needs is a prerequisite to serious value delivery. We at AUMENTO understand and realign the macro level ground reality and micro level specifics of the clients’ business.

Strategic Consulting Delivery Model

AUMENTO takes efforts  to comprehend the business complexities of the client in its totality. Once the  relationship matures and we understand the  client’s business in sufficient detail, we get involved in long term strategic planning and implementation. Strategic consulting engagements can only be  as successful as the conviction and commitment of the owners / promoters and top management because implementation is time consuming and requires constant steering as the everyday challenges unfold.

Organizational  restructuring and impact studies are part of business remodeling effort and get bundled as clients’ requirements demand.

Relationship Philosophy

AUMENTO believes in relationship driven businesses  and as a consulting house , we accept new clients   only when there is clarity on the value we can  offer and the  client is willing to grant us   the opportunity to prove it. While we  conduct  transaction specific assignments we  strive to enhance the same to a genuine long term engagement.

On human capital we believe that knowledge is just a pool and human capital is the fountain. We are constantly endeavoring to locate new fountains. We are committed to reward performance more than most organizations think is fair.

Client Relationship Building
AUMENTO neither advertises nor solicits client engagements and relationships. The clients approach us through reference of existing or past clients who have had successful delivery experience. It is a matter of great satisfaction for us that today over 80% of our engagements are in the nature of repeat work from existing clients.
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